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A young goldfish princess experiences a terrible forbidden trip to the surface world, where a human child named Sosuke, giving her the name Ponyo, is given the title of the Sun God. However, Ponyo still longs to be a human, and just as her friendship with Sosuke develops, she also becomes more like a human. However, Ponyo's dad thinks that she should come back to the ocean, but in the meantime, she spills a massive collection of powerful magic elixirs which threaten to destroy Sosuke's entire village, forcing him to lock himself inside a cave. When the Sun God finds out what has happened, however, he grants Ponyo the power to transform herself into a human girl, thereby undoing the damage done to his beloved village.

Meet the newest unlikely hero in the magical universe of Ponyo: Konduit! The mystical, adventurous, and adventurous pup is given the task of protecting Ponyo and her friends from enemies by the ever-wise, magical and legendary Shurikorgon. He acts as Ponyo's only defense against all forms of danger, which he does using his amazing fire breath and scorching hot metallic tongue. Konduit's confident, intelligent, courageous personality makes him one of the most well-rounded characters in the show. He's lovable, smart, and eager to prove himself to everyone in order to earn the trust of his fellow Ponies.

The first movie in the franchise, Ponyo: The Sunflower Princess, is set to debut in theaters later this year, but you can get a sneak peek at the film before it's released now. You can watch the entire first episode on DVD or purchase the first DVD of the series. The DVD contains the complete story of the animated fantasy classic, including the episodes “Ponyo,” “The Lost Crown,” “Cinderella Caper,” and more. Due to its popularity, the My Little Pony: The Sunflower Princess DVD is going fast, so you should act quickly if you want to own this fantastic DVD collection.

The second episode in the series, Ponyo: The Sunflower Princess, introduces us to the young, magic-wielding, butterfly-loving Ponyo, who lives in Ponyo Town. Although he wants to be just like his older, wiser sister, Ponyo isn't always able to live up to her image. Because of this, Princess Cadance comes to visit Ponyo town in order to teach him what it means to be a good friend and a loyal companion. After attending the same school as Princess Cadance, Ponyo is chosen as her replacement, but he soon discovers that life in Ponyo Town isn't all it's cracked up to be. He meets and gets married to Sunshine, the beautiful Summer Maiden, and together they face the evil Prince Charming, whom they eventually defeat. In the end, Ponyo decides to wed Princess Cadance and live happily ever after, but things aren't so simple when a mysterious stranger attacks Summer Maiden and takes her away.

Following the theft of the maiden, Ponyo and his friends must find out who's done it, while trying to deal with the repercussions of their loss. Among the main characters, none are as beloved or well-known as the voice of Suke Banayo, who plays Ponyo. This Japanese-English actor has provided the voice of countless Japanese or Asian-American characters, including Japanese royalty, in anime TV shows, video games, movies, cartoons, commercials, or voiceovers for TV shows. His most famous roles include Dragonball Z, Final Fantasy X, Metal Gear Solid, The Lord of the Rings, Bleach, Lucky Luke, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Justice League: The Flash. As an actor, he's worked on TV shows that adapt Japanese anime series like Lupin the Third, Naruto, Gatchaman, and Bleach, among many others.

Suke Banayo also voiced the lead character in the hugely popular Lupin the Third, a Lupin-themed animated film directed by Luciorio and written by adapting the hit manga series. In this movie, he gets to reprise his role as ponyo, the orphaned boy who became a member of the Shurikomi-clad squad in the first episode. This role makes him one of the most popular Japanese-Armenian actors in Hollywood, having appeared in dozens of animation films and TV series. Suke is also known for his vocal acting in live-action series such as Samurai 7, Kingdom of Heaven, Gatchaman, The Samurai, Glee, and several others. The man's acting skills also landed him a role in the Japanese movie version of Beauty and the Beast, which was directed by Terry Gilliam.

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